Advantage Employee Self Service (ESS) Password Help

How do I log into Advantage Employee Self Service (ESS)?

Have you set your ESS password reminder?

Learn how to set your password reminder and reset your own password.

Your Advantage User Name and Password will be sent by the Advantage system in a separate email like the one below:


Go to the Advantage ESS home page and enter your User Name and Password from the email


When you login you will be required to reset the password sent to you by the Advantage system.


  • User name is the one sent to you in the email from the Advantage system.
  • Old password is the one sent to you in the email from the Advantage system.
  • New password and confirm new password is the new password you choose.
  • Click on Login

Advantage ESS Password Requirements

Your password will need to contain a minimum of 8 characters, but no more than 16 characters, including:

 1 Uppercase letter  A-Z
 1 Lowercase letter  a-z
 1 Number  0-9
 1 Special Character in this list  @ . - $ # %

(You must use one of the special characters in the list above, the ! and * will not work)

  • Your password cannot contain your User ID or the word "password".
  • You may not use any of your previous 10 Advantage passwords.
  • If you have trouble thinking of a password, try using a “pass phrase”, by using the following formula :
    • 3 letter word beginning with uppercase letter
    • + 1 number
    • + 3 letter word beginning with lowercase letter
    • + 1 special character in this list @ . - $ # %

Password Examples

  • Way2work$
  • Dog8bone@
  • St8ofNC#
  • Time2go%
  • Good4you-
  • More$4me

Who do I contact if I need my password reset?

For general payroll questions, contact your HR/Payroll representative directly.

Password Issues
If you are not sure of your password or you have problems with accessing the system,
read the information on this page.

Go to Employee Self Service (ESS)